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TVS offers litigation services to local, national and international clients spanning a broad range of sectors and practice areas.

Commercial Litigation

The team at Taylor Veinotte Sullivan, Barristers has depth and experience in complex commercial litigation whether it involves fraud, defamation or a contractual dispute. With a sensitivity for minimizing our clients’ costs and time involved when an organization is in a dispute, TVS counsel know when and how to use an injunction (including Mareva and Anton Pillar orders). Our approach begins with a critical analysis to determine the appropriate strategy and tactics for the best possible outcome with minimal damage to their clients’ business – whether that means a resolution is obtained through mediation, negotiation, or litigation.

The Firm’s lawyers are exceptionally skilled at launching and defending fraud claims. In the landmark case Anderson v. British Columbia Securities Commission 2004 BCCA 7, TVS successfully convinced the British Columbia Court of Appeal to overturn the decision of a BC Securities Commission Hearing Panel and define in their clients’ favour what is “fraud” under the BC Securities Act. That definition remains the law today.

Notable Cases

  • Redfern Resources Ltd. (Re)  2012 BCCA 189

    Counsel at Taylor Veinotte Sullivan was successful at trial and on appeal in establishing a Receiver's claim to title and ownership of mining equipment worth several million dollars.

  • British Columbia Teachers Federation v. Judith Thorne  

    The Court dismissed in its entirety a defamation Counterclaim by this allegedly disabled teacher that she had been defamed by publication in a Statement of Claim of certain particulars of her medical history.  Taylor Veinotte Sullivan represented the successful Plaintiff/Defendant by Counterclaim, the BCTF. 

  • Irene Dinyer-Fraser v. Laurentian Bank

    After a lengthy trial, the court found that a broker who was inadvertently defamed by the firm providing support services for her Registered clients could sue both in negligence (negligent publication) and defamation, something that had never previously been allowed and awarded damages to the Plaintiff for defamation and under the law of negligence.

  • Ackerman v. Patara 

    In this case, Taylor Veinotte Sullivan was successful in obtaining an ex parte injunction against the defendants to preserve assets.  Between the initial ex parte injunction and the eventual Summary Trial, Taylor Veinotte Sullivan obtained numerous interim Orders to preserve assets including over 30 vehicles and a home all of which were sold to recover funds taken by the Plaintiff by the Defendants.  The trial decision found that the funds were held on a Resulting Trust for the Plaintiff. 

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