Why TVS?

From the boardroom to the courtroom, from regulatory tribunals to the Supreme Court of Canada, our clients trust us to navigate complex litigation, and for good reason:

we deliver results.


Trust is at the core of TVS advocacy.

Our clients trust us to intimately understand and protect their interests.
And they trust us to do it better than their adversaries.

Track record

Our track record has earned us a reputation as one of the most sought after boutique litigation firms in Vancouver.

We pride ourselves in keeping clients out of court, but if the case goes to trial we play to win.

Lawyers’ Lawyers

TVS lawyers are among the best and brightest.

Wresting favourable decisions from the most complex of cases, has earned us the respect of—and referrals from—our peers and recognition by Benchmark Canada, Lexpert and Martindale Hubbell.

Unrivalled Service

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional and personal representation, regardless of case scope or magnitude.

You can be sure that the senior counsel who initiates your legal strategy will lead it to completion. And, we believe in fair billing practices so you pay for our service, not our overhead.

This is the service that has earned us our reputation and the confidence of our clients.